Teachers are faced with the need to make a fast transition from traditional to online teaching without prior preparation, but addressing the relation between teaching style and ICT use is not straightforward and needs a holistic approach aiming at adapting the teachers’ mindset to allow both more effective teaching and personal wellbeing.

On the one hand, teachers need to radically change their way of teaching and find new ways to engage with their students, to keep their attention and to understand their needs. On the other hand, teachers’ self perception, role and confidence are threatened, due to the new environment and the lost personal connection with their students.

ITeachWell will address these challenges by defining the main differences between traditional and online teaching from a pedagogical and psychological perspective and, based on it, providing an intuitive online solution for teachers. It will consist of psychological support on how to cope with technostress and pedagogical guidance on how to adjust the teaching style from standart environment to online. Additionally, as peer aid has proven its effectiveness, it will be facilitated, allowing focused support or sharing experience and best practices.

The proyect started 01/11/20 21 and it is intended to end 01/11/2024. This is a project that involves teaching practice in all VET families of studies.

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